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visually stunning...beautiful to watch - NYC Shorts Fest

...similar in structure to James Joyce but the difference here is a female perspective that doesn't require a dissertation to unravel its meaning...elegantly powerful new work..moving and heartbreaking... Flavorpill NYC


...intense performances and Cassavetes-style camera work... -- Austin Film Festival

In these days of non-stop action, June Weddings is a grown-up feast...It's not since My Dinner with André that we were reminded of the immense power of pointed dialogue and nuanced relationships. -- SF Shorts Festival

 I've seldom encountered a show that flirts so brazenly with the dark, roiling parts of the human psyche.--Kyle Jarrow

celebrate the love...and the acknowledgment of little tragedies and challenges in even the most loving relationships.

-- The New York Times






Photo Credit: Annabel Clark